LaDonna and I are entrepreneurs at heart.

We love the fact that we own our own business and that we can call our own shots. We like being a part of all aspects of our business, from the creative side, to the numbers side, to the customer service side. We like, with God’s direction, being in control.

But at the same time, we know when to give up some of that control.

I think every husband and wife team, once they reach a certain level of success, realizes they can’t do it all themselves. That in order for their ┬ábusiness to grow past a certain point, that they have to have help. We’ve reached that point here at Studio P.

Chris Stamm, welcome to the team.

We’ve known Chris and his wife Misty, and their family, for years. When we first started attending Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church years ago, we were in Chris’ Bible Fellowship class, and we quickly became friends. Chris’ son Jaydon and our son Grant have been classmates and best friends at Freedom Christian Academy since they weren’t much more than toddlers.

When it became clear a couple of months ago that we needed to bring in someone to help us with marketing and sales, Chris was one of the first people that I thought of. He has years of sales experience, and knows marketing inside and out. And while not an artist or photographer himself, Chris’ grandfather Lew Stamm, was one of the best commercial and portrait artists and photographers in the country during the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. Chris knows this business well.

And he was excited to join us. Chris is going to help us market the studio to a wider audience, which will allow us to expand what we are able to do. He’s going to assist us with our product line and see where we can expand what we have to offer (watch for some new offerings coming soon!). And he is going to take over at least some, if not a lot, of our sales. You’ll be seeing a lot of him around here, as Chris is going to become a regular fixture here at the blog, starting tomorrow when he shares with us some of his thoughts about his grandfather, who recently passed away.

We’re very blessed to be able to add Chris to the Studio P team. Thanks, bud, for coming on board.