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Those of you who have been following the blog for a while might remember that when the Ipad first came out, I talked about how much I wanted one, but didn’t think I would really have much of a use for it. Boy was I wrong. For weeks after it came out, it always seemed Read more ..

Every once in a while you just gotta try something new. Or in my case Friday, something new that’s really something old. To explain: When I first started getting into portrait photography, I knew that I was going to have to have a set of studio lights if I was going to do decent work. Read more ..

I love pushing myself photographically. I am constantly looking for new techniques, studying other photographers, seeing where I can be creative and different. I think you have to do that these days as a photographer. Anyone who is in this business and isn’t learning and growing isn’t going to be in this business very long. Read more ..

There’s nothing like having your own space. Especially for photographers. I think probably everybody that shoots high-end images either full-time, part-time or just as a hobby dreams of having their own studio, a place where they can shoot without being in either their own or someone else’s way. We were no different. Not that we Read more ..

Sorry about not posting anything yesterday. It’s been a difficult week around Studio P. Both LaDonna and I have had the stomach crud that has been going around the Knoxville area, and we’re just now getting over it. Anyway, today I thought that I would give you a little insight as to why Studio P Read more ..