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Memorial Day is an odd holiday for me. When I was a kid, we always looked at it as most families do — as the unofficial start of summer. School was either already out, or almost out. The weather was getting hot or already hot. And I was in full “play” mode. The Sunday before Read more ..

I have to admit that I almost laughed out loud. See, Brady was very polite when he came into the studio for his Senior Experience, but he readily admitted as we were getting ready to start “I’m only here because my mom wants me to do this.” Hey, not a problem. Part of our job Read more ..

On the desk in my office is a picture of my son Grant, taken a day or so after he was born. It’s one of those hospital photos of him wearing the outfit we took him home in, and every time I see it, I chuckle inside because it looks nothing like him now. In Read more ..

It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s been almost two years since we started the Studio P blog. In that time, we’ve pretty much kept the same look for the site. Oh, we’ve tweaked things like fonts and colors, and we’ve changed pictures and backgrounds, but the overall look of the site is pretty much Read more ..

Ava was not having a good day. No matter what we did, where we went, what we offered or how we pleaded, she was not having any of it. She was just not interested in having her picture taken. All of us who are parents know that sometimes it’s just like that with 2-year-olds. There Read more ..