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You get them in the mail every April and May. White envelopes. White cards. Fancy type that says “Class of This Year will graduate from Blah Blah High School at 7 PM, yada yada yada.” Graduation invitations that look just like everyone else’s. Boring. What if you could do graduation invitations that were unique? That Read more ..

One of the products that we offer as part of our Senior Experience is something that we call “Faces of Me”. It’s a 12-x-24 five-image collage that is designed to show the different sides of a senior’s personality. Kayla and “Faces of Me” were made for each other. There’s Kayla the Carter High Band member. Read more ..

Can you believe that it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas? Where has the year gone? It just seems like a few days ago that the leaves were on the trees, the weather was warm and it didn’t get dark until 9 every night. All of the sudden Thanksgiving is just a couple of Read more ..

You could hear the panic in her voice. It was justĀ  few days before her wedding and Patti was frantic on the other end of the phone. The person she had asked to videotape her wedding had a scheduling conflict and was not going to be able to make it. Could I possibly figure out Read more ..

As I have posted before, I am a big movie buff and love movie posters. So sometimes after a shoot, or even during a shoot, I’ll see an image and think “Wow, that would make a great movie poster.” Our shoot with Devon, one of our 2010 senior models, was one of those times. Devon Read more ..