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So is it just me, or are most photo holiday cards that you see kinda “meh”. Go to any of the big retailers or even some of the online places, and most of their templates are OK at best. There’s nothing really exciting out there. So this year, we decided to see if we could Read more ..

Wallet shots are the Good Ole Boys of photography. Think about it. What’s more friendly than a wallet shot? You give them to everyone. Buy a portrait package that includes wallets and if you can’t give someone anything else, you can always give them a wallet shot. But the thing about wallets is that they Read more ..

So what do you do if you have someone approaching a “Sweet 16” birthday and have no idea what to get them? That was the dilemma that our friend Shannon was facing. We’ve blogged about our friend Shannon and her daughter Abbey before, and with Abbey rapidly approaching that special milestone, Shannon was faced with Read more ..

One of the things about a Studio P photo session is that you are guaranteed a lot of images. On a typical two-hour senior shoot, we click the shutter somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-600 times. Now, not all of these images will be usable. There will be some that are out of focus, some Read more ..

One of the great advantages of digital photography over film is in the sheer numbers of images that you can take. Back when I was shooting film as an amateur, I was always reluctant to do much in the way of experimentation, simply because of the costs involved. Even 20 years ago, a roll of Read more ..