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Is there a more inexact science than getting a recommendation about a restaurant? I’m just asking, because it’s been my experience, especially lately, that venturing into the unknown when it comes to eating out is taking a bit of a risk. Here’s what happened: Saturday night, LaDonna and I went to dinner with some friends. Read more ..

I’m probably going to regret doing this because it’s letting a big ol’ cat out of the bag. But I’m going to do it anyway: UT Gardens is one of the best kept secrets in Knoxville. Located off Neyland Drive on the University of Tennessee campus, UT Gardens is one of those places that you Read more ..

I have always been a cold weather person. Fall is my favorite time of the year, when the air gets crisp and the leaves turn. Plus, growing up when (the 1970s) and where (Alabama) that I did, air conditioning was not always standard equipment in houses, schools or cars, so hot weather was to be Read more ..

Gonna try something new here. Every couple of weeks or so, or whenever the mood strikes, we’re going to go with Rants and Raves. The Rants being just whatever is really bothering us at this point in our lives, and the raves being the things that get us stoked. So here goes: Rants Getting ready Read more ..