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OK, time for an update. It’s been a little bit over two years since Caspian joined our family, and we figured it was time to let everyone know just how things are going. Well, it’s been interesting, to say the least. First of all, we have learned from trips to the vet that Caspian isn’t Read more ..

Every one is different. Some are great athletes, some are great students, some are both. We have band members, we have dancers and we have artists. Some are outgoing and talkative, some a little more on the quiet side. But if there is a common thread among all 14 of our senior models, it’s that Read more ..

Comfortable. If I had just one word to describe the Gentry family, that would be it. Like an old pair of shoes, the Gentrys, Charles and Jill and sons Jeff and Daniel, are just comfortable, whether around each other, around other people, or in their own skin. No pretense, no airs, no false fronts. They Read more ..

All womens’ beauty jumps a few notches when they are pregnant. To me, at least, there really is something about that “glow of motherhood” thing. But there are some women… Well, let’s just say that their glow is a little bit more radiant than the rest. I always knew that Eden was going to be Read more ..

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you have read about our son Grant’s athletic exploits here, here, here and here. Well, now our family is entering a whole new athletic world — tackle football. For the last two years, Grant has played Upward flag football at a local church, but this Read more ..