When your son plays baseball you have to be prepared. You must bring a glove, bat, helmet, etc. to the game. As parents, we bring cameras, chairs and water to drink. But, as we learned last night, you also have to be prepared to pitch. Yes, I said pitch!

Our son plays on a coach-pitch baseball team and the coach who regularly pitches was not there last night. So they asked Tony to do it. I don’t know about him but I was nervous! He hasn’t pitched since we played on a co-ed softball team in college. Uh hm – that was 20 years ago. So he was a little out of practice. Now he has practiced with Grant in the backyard but that is different from pitching to a whole team with the game on the line and stands full of parents. The first few were a little shaky (over the kid’s heads) but he settled down and didn’t do too bad – all things considered. One of our players may want him to pitch from now on as he smacked two balls hard to the outfield! He did get a pointed look from the one player he hit and several players swung over their heads trying to reach a few balls. After the night was over, I was proud of his effort. One of the other coaches said that pitching to 8-year-olds (and under) is a hard thing to do. “You notice that none of the rest of us volunteered to do it!,” he said.

What did Grant think about his dad’s performance? “Hmmm…somewhere in the middle,” he said.

I have included some shots below from the game last night. It has been an interesting first year of baseball for Grant but we are loving every minute of it!


Tony pitching

Grant "chattering"

Look at those lips - preparing to throw from second base!

Batter Up!