OK, so it’s been exactly a month since the new addition, Caspian, joined the family, so it’s probably time for an update about how things are going.

Wait a minute. Excuse me for a second while I do a little cleanup.

Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of that around here lately, as potty training has been a bit more difficult this time around. Our former dog, Lucy, caught on a lot quicker to proper rest room etiquette in the Pettis household, and by the time of her passing, she was pretty much accident free. Not so for Caspian. Let’s just say that he’s a typical male when it comes to cleanliness.

But we’re working on it and eventually we will get there. Otherwise, it’s hard to complain. He’s as loving and gentle of a dog as Lucy was. Can’t get enough belly rubs and head scratches, and has never met a stranger.

There are a few differences between them, though. Caspian is pretty good about riding in the car, where Lucy was a basket case. Lucy was the neighborhood watchdog, making sure that everyone and everything was going about their business properly. Caspian, not so much. He’d rather chase bugs. By the time Lucy was Caspian’s age now — about 10 weeks old — she had pretty much gotten out of her biting stage. Caspian would gnaw our fingers off if we would let him.

When we first got Caspian, I was a bit worried that it was too soon after Lucy’s death, and the adjustment would be difficult for all of us. And I’ll admit, there are times when something will trigger a memory of Lucy and the grief will return.

But Caspian has been good for all of us. He’s a great dog, and if we can teach him where his toilet is, it will be a lot better for him and us.

Just pray that he learns soon. More, of course, to come.