I love high school gyms.

There’s something about being in a high school gym, with the sounds of a dribbling basketball and squeaking high tops that’s almost comforting. I guess it takes me back to a time when the most important thing in the world was whether or not a free throw was made. Not that I would be the one trying to make it. A basketball is to me what kryptonite is to Superman. I could always play a little baseball and football, but hoops pretty much confounded me. But I had a lot of friends that played and I have a lot of fond memories of sitting in the stands and losing my voice at games.

I do NOT, however, love shooting in high school gyms. Most of the time, the lighting is just north of pitch black as far as a digital camera is concerned, and getting a decent shot takes pretty good skill. But Friday night, LaDonna and I went to Grace Christian to shoot pictures of Abby, the daughter of our friends Chuck and Shannon. LaDonna is putting together a scrapbook for Abby, who is a sophomore and in her first year as a cheerleader at Grace Christian Academy.

All in all, it wasn’t bad shooting there. The lighting was actually pretty good for a high school gym and I got some decent shots. Plus I got to relive a little of my own youth. Fun times.