What is it about puppies?

About a month ago, I added pictures on Facebook and of our new dog Lucy getting the chance to play in the snow. Back in December, when she first joined the family as a five-week old, I wrote about a blog post about her. Now it seems that whenever I run into someone that I haven’t seen in a while, she invariably comes up in the conversation.

Not that I mind too much. Oh, she drives me crazy with her constant back and forth between outside and inside, her gulping food instead of chewing it and inconsistent bathroom habits (which is all I will say about that). But the truth is that while I wasn’t completely convinced that getting a puppy was a good idea, now I can’t imagine her not being a part of the family.

She is definitely a hoot. From her desire to drink the shower water (gross), to her sleeping on her back with paws straight up in the air, to her barking at LaDonna’s hair dryer, she is a fountain of entertainment. She is certainly proving to be smart as well. Though just between three and four months old, she has “Sit” and “Speak” down pretty well. We’re gonna work on “Lay down” next.

So for those who have been wondering about how big she has gotten, here are a few shots of her out in the front yard this morning, large and in charge. Enjoy.