Ever have one of those days where…

Of course you have. We all have them. Today was one for me.

I had it all planned out. Gonna do this at this time, that at that time and be very productive. Yeah, right.

Started when I got up this morning and felt like I have been hit by a truck. Actually, “got up” is a bit of a stretch. Stumbled up is closer to the truth, with a head that felt like it weighed 500 pounds. Took me till mid-morning before I started feeling normal. Darn sinuses.

Then I had to take my laptop to have it looked at by the Geek Squad at Best Bey. (Those of you who know me might find that strange, since I have worked on computers for the better part of a decade. But that’s desktops. Laptops are a different beast and I don’t tempt fate).

So I drive all the way to West Knoxville, only to have the 20-year-old behind the counter tell me that my laptop is probably not dead and that I have a power cord issue. Really? You’re telling this to someone who was formatting hard drives when you were learning how to play solitaire? Suuuuurrrrrre, it’s a power cord.

Of course, it was made all the worse when I got home and learned that 20-year-old-Geek was right. Well, shoot. That was two-plus-hours shot.

All that to say that my day didn’t go exactly as I had planned. So what I had wanted to do as a blog post didn’t get done. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of Grant from last weekend, reading to Brad, his second-grade class’ mascot.