I’m cold right now.

No, seriously, I’m really cold right now. My feet are freezing, my fingers are stiff and nose is chilled. This has been the coldest winter in Knoxville that I can remember in a long time. It has snowed significantly at least four times since Christmas, and I can look outside my office window and see snow right now. The current temperature, according to weather.com, is 30 degrees, 22 with the wind chill. And that’s pretty much the high for the day. So, as cold as it has been, in order to keep the heat from running constantly and having us take out a second mortgage to pay the electric bill, we are turning the thermostat down in the house. In fact, it hasn’t been above 66 in a long time.

Now in July, 66 degrees is a gift from God. But when the outside temperature hasn’t been above 40 degrees in days, setting the thermostat at 66 degrees leaves something to be desired. So I’m trying to think warm thoughts.

In order to facilitate that, I thought I would share a couple of pictures of Grant from last summer. Take a look, close your eyes and pretend…