It’s not that we disliked answering questions.

We LOVE interacting with our clients and are always ready and willing to allay any fear, put to rest any concern.

But when it came to the Studio P Senior Xperience, most of the questions we were getting were all the same — What do I wear? What if it rains? Where can we shoot? What about hair and makeup?

So we decided to come up with something that would not only be a comprehensive guide to the Studio P Senior Xperience, but also would show off what we feel like are some of the best shots we have produced over the last several years of shooting seniors.

The result is this — 12th Year, the Studio P Senior Xperience Magazine — a digital guide to everything you need to know about the heart and soul of Studio P Photography, which is our high school senior business. In this magazine are pages on our style, our philosophy, our makeup artist (the awesome Shannan Rebold), the retouching process, a style guide, love from past clients — really an overview of our work with seniors over the past four-plus years. We are extremely proud of this piece and hope that it gives you all the information you need to know if a Studio P Senior Xperience is for you.

So check it out. And if you still have a question, don’t worry. We’ll answer them all and more.