Sorry about the lack of blogging this week, but we’re had a lot going on.

If you don’t follow me or Studio P on Facebook, then you probably don’t know about the rough start to the beginning of the week. On Monday I woke up early in the morning in the beginning stages of a kidney stone, and spent most of the day trying to pass it. I finally got relief about 8 Monday night, but the pain medication left me pretty loopy until mid-day Tuesday.

Then Tuesday night was football practice for Grant, his last in partial gear before starting full pad work tonight. Then yesterday was a typical crazy Wednesday and today has been spent trying to catch up from losing a day and a half early in the week. Tomorrow we leave for a short trip to Alabama and my high school reunion. Not telling how long it’s been. 🙂

So while this post will be short, we’ll leave you with a last of Eliana’s newborn shoot from last week. We’ll be sharing the rest of them with you soon. Enjoy!