My typical To Do list for New Year’s Day consists of:

  • Watching college bowl games
  • Eating
  • Watching college bowl games
  • Napping
  • Watching college bowl games
  • Eating more
  • Watching college bowl games

Nowhere in that is anything concerning a wedding.

But this past New Year’s Day was different. See it’s one of those dates — 1-1-11 — that comes around only once every hundred years and is so special and unique that some couples can’t help but claim it as their own.

Daniel and Emily are one of those couples.

You have met Daniel and Emily before, when we shared their engagement session on Market Square. Two kids very much in love, eager to be married and start a life together. And while the date they chose interrupted my usual New Year’s plans, the Studio P crew was delighted to trade it for a chance to capture their special day.

Unique date. Unique people. Unique wedding. Daniel and Emily.