So what do you do if you have someone approaching a “Sweet 16” birthday and have no idea what to get them?

That was the dilemma that our friend Shannon was facing.

We’ve blogged about our friend Shannon and her daughter Abbey before, and with Abbey rapidly approaching that special milestone, Shannon was faced with the prospect of coming up with a gift that would be both memorable and meaningful.

She hit on the idea of a “This Is Your Life” video using pictures from Abbey’s life and asked us if would be interested in helping her put it together. We were honored to do so.

Shannon had plenty of pictures, plus pictures from a couple of shoots that we had done with her and Abbey, so we decided to divide it up into three sections — one of just random shots from Abbey’s life, a section on her sports and cheerleading and a third section of pictures from her recent Studio P shoots. Links to watch the three sections are below.

Once we had those done, I created a move-type DVD menu, printed a custom DVD label and created special packaging, so that the DVD, which is playable in any DVD player on on a computer, would be something that Abbey could keep forever.

If this is something that you think you might be interested in doing for your own “Sweet 16” let us know. We would love to show you what we can do.