One of the goals that we have for every Senior Xperience shoot is to provide a wide variety of shots for people to choose from.

To that end, we often have the seniors give us both smiling and non-smiling expressions. Sometimes a more serious look can be great for a portrait.

There are some seniors, though, that for whatever reason have a problems doing that kind of a look.

And then there is Amberlee.

When we were doing her Senior Model Xperience, it was pretty much impossible to get a serious expression on her face, because she has a perpetual smile on her face. Bubbly, outgoing, vivacious — these don’t even begin to describe this very special young lady.

She is involved in her school’s Student Government Association and National Honors Society, and is heavily involved in her church’s youth group. Her My favorite hobbies are hiking and photography. “I love taking pictures of others and I love having my picture taken and playing around with my camera,” she says. She is also a huge Disney fan and had a blast getting her pictures done with her “Minnie” ears. And she was a trooper on her outdoor shoot at the Bailey Farm, even though the weather didn’t exactly cooperate like we had hoped.

We have really enjoyed getting to know Amberlee and are excited about her Senior Model Xperience. We think you will be too.

If you go to Farragut High and would like to have a Senior Xperience like Amberlee, see her for a special discount. Next up: Andersen.

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