We were beginning to believe we were cursed.

Every time we were in the presence of Andersen or her mom, it rained. No, it’s true. From the time we first met with them to discuss Andersen becoming a Studio P Senior Model, right through when we finally got her outdoor shot finished, we dealt with rain in some form or fashion. At least two shoots had to be postponed because of it, and on the day of her studio shoot, it rained buckets even though the forecast called for a zero percent chance of the wet stuff. But considering that Knoxville got its yearly rainfall total in before the end of July this year, we probably ought to consider ourselves lucky to get outdoors shoots in at all this year.

We definitely consider ourselves lucky to have had the lovely Andersen as one of our Senior Models. The Christian Academy cheerleader and honors student is drop-dead gorgeous and is a natural in front of the camera. She has a wonderful style and carries herself with grace. But the best thing about her is that she is as sweet as she is beautiful. If has just been a joy getting to know her and her family.

Check out her interrupted shoot below.

If you go to Christian Academy and would like to have a Senior Xperience like Andersen, see her for a special discount. Next up: Anita.

Knoxville Senior PortraitKnoxville Senior Portrait

Knoxville Senior Portrait