Bailey’s photoshoots

One of the great things about starting this blog is that it gives us the opportunity to go back and revisit shoots from a while back, and share images that not everyone has had a chance to see.

A little over a year ago, when we decided that we wanted to eventually get into photography full time, we asked the lovely Miss Bailey if she would model for us. She enthusiastically agreed. And we don’t use the word enthusiastic lightly. When Bailey does something, she goes after it full force, even when it is just helping out friends. She was really into both shoots and needed very little direction from us. We really think that comes through in these shots. In fact, one of the shots from the studio shoot was so good that we use it on the intro to our website and on our business cards. We really believe that if she wanted to be a model, she could be.

Instead of presenting the shoots, though, as just images here on the site, we decided to show them as a video slideshow. These slideshows are really popular, and we offer them as part of our senior portrait packages.

So here is Bailey’s slideshow. Enjoy!

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    • Lori Van Gundy
    • January 20, 2010
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    WOW!……those are fantastic! Tony & LaDonna you have done an amazing job with not only the photos but your slide show is breath taking. Of course your model is beautiful! I’m impressed….when’s mine and Nathan’s turn…hehe!

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