It’s safe to say this was a first for a Studio P shoot.

Not the fact that music was playing. This is not unusual at all. Either our Ipad or our model’s Ipod is almost always tied into the studio sound system and we have tunes.

But the Beatles? Not your typical music fare for a 17-year-old senior-to-be.

Hey, that’s one of the neat things about Blake, one of our Senior Models at Gibbs High School this year. He’s comes at things like music from a different perspective. He’s recently discovered John, Paul, Ringo and George and has fallen in love. That’s cool.

Blake wanted the outdoor portion of his Senior Experience to be somewhere gritty and urban, so we chose the Old City. But just like with his music, we came at it from a different perspective. Even though we shot late in the afternoon with plenty of light, we purposely shot the pictures so it would appear that a lot of them were at night and we posed him so that we could shoot from different angles than normal. We think it gives Blake’s shots a unique look in a common location for senior photos.

If you are a senior at Gibbs this year and you would like us to do for you what we did for Blake, see him to get a special discount on your own Studio P Senior Experience. For now, here’s Blake shoot. Enjoy.