I have to admit that I almost laughed out loud.

See, Brady was very polite when he came into the studio for his Senior Experience, but he readily admitted as we were getting ready to start “I’m only here because my mom wants me to do this.”

Hey, not a problem.

Part of our job as photographers is to make a shoot fun, even when it’s not something that the subject finds all that enjoyable. So after putting on some music, joking around a bit, keeping things moving and fresh, Brady’s hour with us in the studio was over.

And when it was, Brady admitted, “I actually had fun.”

Mission accomplished.

I’m actually picking on Brady a bit, because he’s a fantastic kid. The quarterback his past season at Halls High School, Brady endured a difficult year and did it with grace and dignity. I shot most of the Halls games from the sidelines and saw him take some pretty brutal hits, get back up and come right out for the next play. Tough? That doesn’t begin to describe him.

But he takes a pretty good picture, too. Even if he had to be convinced.