He walked. We followed.

When we did the shoot for Chandler, the winner of our Cutest Kids Contest back in the spring, we decided that the best strategy was just to see where he would take us. Oh, we did a few posed shots, mostly bribed with mini Reese’s Cups, but for the most part, we let him set the pace.

And he set a pretty good one. We walked all over World’s Fair Park that afternoon, from the playground, to the lawn to the amphitheater, to the pond. Every stop was pretty much magic.

You see, there was a reason why Chandler won our contest. With those beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, he’s definitely got it going in the looks department. Something tells us in just a few years, he’s going to be melting more than a few hearts.

Come to think of it, he’s probably melting them already. So here’s Chandler. Enjoy.