So, she had this sign, see.

It was a sign Cheyenne’s friends had made for her a few weeks earlier when she was competing for All-American honors at her cheerleading camp. Cheyenne is a big Lady GaGa fan and so her friends helped cheer her on with a sign that said, “Lady FaFa, don’t be a drag, Just be a Queen.” So it was only appropriate that for almost the entire time we shot her in the studio that Lady GaGa’s “Telephone” was playing in the background.

If it’s not already apparent, Lady FaFa likes to have a good time.

To say that we had fun the two days of her shoot would be a serious understatment. Cheyenne, who will be a senior at Halls High School this year, was a bundle of energy and her smile filled the room or the street. She was willing to try just about anything and even invented several poses of her own. Her outdoor shoot was in the Old City and even though it was hot as blazes that afternoon, she was a trooper and did whatever we asked and more.

We think her shots show it. Stunningly beautiful already, Cheyenne seemed to radiate even more because she was enjoying herself so much. Being a cheerleader means being a performer, and she was definitely performing for the camera.

If you are a senior at Halls this year and you want to have as much fun as Lady FaFa, er, Cheyenne did on her shoot, then see her for a special discount with Studio P. In the meantime, check out her shots below. Enjoy.