There have been times in my life that I have wondered if I really know what I want to be when I grow up.

For those of you that might not know me, I worked as either a freelance or a newspaper sports writer for close to 15 years. But since I have been out of college, in addition to that, I have also edited a magazine, edited two sports-related websites, been anĀ  Information Technology Director, managed a series of U.S. and state government contracts and been a church administrator.

I think I get it from my dad, to be honest. Like me, he was a youngest son, and I think there is something about being the baby in a family that’s kind of unsettling. My dad was a general contractor most his life, but he also sold life insurance, owned a gas station, owned a shoe store, cleaned roofs, sold cars and was a gun dealer. At least I come by it honest.

I envy my oldest br0ther sometimes. He has worked as a project manager for a huge commercial contractor in Alabama for over 25 years. He found what he liked to do and has done it now for a long time, very successfully.

Hopefully, now, that’s going to be me as well. I had a lot of fun as a sports writer and I got at least some measure of satisfaction out of all the other jobs. But nothing has consumed me like being a photographer. With the exception of my relationship with the Lord and my time that I spend with my family, it’s my biggest passion. I am constantly trying to get better as a photographer. I read and watch everything about taking pictures that I can get my hands on. I get up in the morning feeling blessed that I get to go to work.

It’s all because of you. Those of you who read this blog and have allowed me to take pictures of yourself and your family are the fuel for my passion. Don’t think for a minute that I take that for granted.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I do. You guys are the best.