One of the reasons that we enjoy shooting high school senior so much is that every shoot is different.

You could have the same locations. Use the same lighting techniques. Give the same directions and put them in the same poses. And two different seniors are going to give you completely different photos.

Dyestani’s senior shoot was just another reminder of how true that is.

Her studio session was against some of the same backgrounds we always use. We did her location shoots on the railroad tracks in the Old City and at the Altom Farm, both very familiar to us. We didn’t do anything really radically different in direction or posing.

And yet Dyestani’s shots are some of the most unique we have done so far.

Maybe it’s because Dyestani’s unique. A mixture of hard edge and sweet softness, Dyestani, a senior at Seymour High School,  was a blast to work with. Like most seniors, she was nervous at first, but soon settled down and had a lot of fun with it.

Her pictures at the Altom Farm were especially good. We managed to time it so that her shots in the field were just at the right moment of golden sunlight and caused the leaves in the mountains to almost look like they were on fire.

Here’s what we managed to capture of this beautiful young lady. Enjoy.