It was the fastest lighting and posing setup that we’ve ever done.

The sky was dark and ominous and the thunder was starting to roll. We knew that the it wasn’t going to be long before the heavens opened up yet again. So with one more family shot still to do, we ran to our next spot, hurriedly got everyone situated and the light in place. I began snapping the shutter as fast as I could.

What we got was magic.

But then that was pretty much what we got all afternoon on Eliana’s 1-year shoot. The daughter of our good friends David and Eden, Eliana can pretty much always be counted on for at least decent photos anytime she gets in front of a camera. Even on the day she was born and a few days later, she was Miss Photogenic. But then with parents like Eden, who performed for Primary Focus, and David, who is the worship leader at Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church, how could she not be a natural? So we knew our chances were pretty good for a successful day.

That is if the weather would cooperate, and it was touch-and-go the whole time. We kept watching the sky as we shot, and luckily were able to get everything in.

And the results? We’ll let you decide. Enjoy.