Some shoots are just special.

Little Eliana’s was, for sure. The daughter of our friends David and Eden, Eliana is a true miracle, an answer to many, many prayers lifted up over the last couple of years. We blogged about her birthday a while back, and told you that we were planning a newborn session.

Got to do that about 10 days or so after she was born, and it was interesting. Every newborn session is different because every baby is different. Even at less than two weeks old, they bring their own distinctive personalities to the table, which means you have to be ready for anything. Some babies sleep right through the whole thing. Some babies will be startled by the noise of the cameras and the lights of the flashes and wake up and cry. Some babies stay awake during the shoot but never make a peep. You just never know what you are going to get.

Little Eliana was no different. While the shoot was a lot of fun for us and David and Eden, I’m not so sure that Eliana would agree. The picture-taking kind of interrupted her nap times and she let us know about it on a couple of occasions. Overall, though, she was a trooper and we got some pretty good shots, I think. The bathroom “spa” shots were David’s idea and turned out very nice. And I’m a sucker for shots like the one of all their hands together.

Anyway, check them out below. She’s a beautiful baby and we can’t wait to shoot her pictures again. Enjoy!