Music to our ears.

We were meeting with the beautiful and talented Emily, discussing where she wanted to do the outdoor portion of her Senior Model Shoot. We suggested several places, from the standard Old City of Knoxville, to a farm where we have access to shoot, to downtown. Then we mentioned UT Gardens, and Emily immediately perked up.

And so did we.

We’ve shot at UT Gardens several times in the past, but only a couple of other times with seniors. Most seniors like something more eclectic or gritty. But Emily liked the idea of being to work in and around the greenery, flowers and props at the gardens.

And that wasn’t the only part of her shoot that was unique. One of Emily’s hobbies is art, so we set up her easel in the studio and shot with it. In fact, Emily is quite the student, having been selected to go to Governor’s School from Hardin Valley Academy.

Stunningly gorgeous, sweet as sugar and an academic powerhouse, Emily is the real deal. If you are an upcoming senior at Hardin Valley, you will want to seek out Emily to get a discount on your senior portrait session with Studio P.

In the meantime, here’s her Senior Model shoot. Enjoy.