A lot of what makes a good family portrait is the location.

Some families need to be photographed in a formal setting, either in a studio or amongst elegant decor. It fits who they are and their personality. And some families need to be photographed outdoors, surrounded by nature and color and real life.

The Vaultons are one of those latter families.

The owners of a very successful electrical contracting business, Barry and Joy Vaulton and their sons Sam and Joe are about as down to earth as you can get. They are East Tennessee, Volunteer fanatic and let’s-go-to-the-lake kind of people. A real pinto beans and cornbread family.

Putting them in a stuffy, regal setting just wouldn’t be right. They need fall leaves, fence posts and barns for their family photos. And that’s just what we did when we shot them at one of our Fall Mini-Sessions recently at the Altom Farm.

We think it fit them just perfect. Enjoy.