There are some people that you just like to hang out with. There’s something about their personality that’s easy-going, mellow, hey-that’s-cool. Any day with them is an easy day.

The Altoms are those kind of people. A couple of years ago, we mentioned to them that we were looking for a spot to do some outdoor fall pictures, someplace with trees that showed the colors of the Smoky Mountains in all their brilliance. They immediately volunteered their farm. In their front yard is this enormous oak tree that produces these incredible gold leaves. Their brilliance is truly striking, and we immediately took them up on their offer.

So for the last two years on a Saturday in the fall, we have taken over their yard and house for shoots, and they have been totally fine with it. Kent, Kristsi, Kaylee and Kash have been wonderful hosts and we couldn’t have asked for a better place to do fall shoots. Getting to spend time with them has been fun, and it’s helped develop the friendship between our families.

Plus, they have taken advantage of the opportunity to have some pictures done themselves. This past fall, Kent’s family and his sister’s family got together to have a shot done for Kent’s mom, plus the Altoms had some shots done for themselves. They are a hoot to shoot, especially Kash, who is Mr.-Tell-It-Like-It-Is. A few from their latest shoot are below. Enjoy.