For most of our Senior Models, their Xperience is something totally new for them. But that goes double for Hailey.

See, most of the time, our Senior Model from Lenoir City is behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Hailey is a member of the journalism staff at Lenoir City High and helps with the school paper and yearbooks. After high school, she plans to study art, possibly photography, so doing a Senior Model shoot was something that she was totally excited about doing.

And even though she may not have been used to being in front of the lens, she handled it like a pro. She has a natural flair for expression (love her raised eyebrow look) and she did a great job with posing and moving.

Her outdoor shoot on Market Square in Knoxville was a bit of an adventure. We did it on a Saturday, which is probably the busiest day of the week in that area of town, at around 6 at night, which is the busiest time. But because it was busy and we parked near the top of the garage, we got the idea to do a few shots from the roof that turned out amazing.

But then, really all of Hailey’s shots were pretty awesome. We think you’ll agree.

If you are a current junior at Lenoir City and would like a Senior Xperience like Hailey, see her for a special discount. Tomorrow’s Senior Model Xperience: Tyler.