I almost literally fell out of my chair.

Before we do a senior shoot, we like to sit down and spend some time with our subject. We want to get to know them, see what makes them tick, look for things that we can draw out in the shoot to make the images “them.”

So LaDonna and I are sitting there with Hannah at Panera, and we ask her to tell us a little bit about herself. And she says “Well, if if I had to describe myself, I’d say that I’m a little bit prissy.”


Hannah may like to describe herself that way, but truth be told, she is anything but prissy. Just as sweet as nice as she possibly could be, Hannah was a joy to work with on her shoot. She warmed up to the camera almost immediately, and we took some pretty incredible images, both in the studio and outdoors. Her raven hair and green/brown eyes are simply stunning and her smile lights up a room. Hannah is planning on doing one of our Senior Books, and I think it’s going to be a real winner.

In fact, the only disappointment about the day was that we weren’t able to get any water shots. We did Hannah’s outdoor session at World’s Fair Park, and we were planning on having her play in the fountains while we snapped pictures. Unfortunately, the fountains were not on, so we are planning that part of her Senior Portrait Experience another day. Look for those shots soon.

In the meantime, here are some shots from Hannah’s sessions. Enjoy!