We weren’t quite sure we were gonna make it, at first figuratively, and then literally.

We were in the Old City in downtown Knoxville, behind our studio on the railroad tracks doing a Senior Model shoot with Jared, one of our newest models. I was behind the camera and LaDonna was working our off-camera lighting. We could see the rather ominous black cloud coming our way, but we were determined to get as many shots in as we could before the rain came.

And then the lightning bolt struck.

It wasn’t anywhere close to us, but it was near enough that we decided it might be wise to call it an afternoon and reschedule the rest of the outdoor shots. We barely got into our vehicles before the heavens opened up.

Then, as we were driving away, it got scary. First, lightning struck again, literally across the street from us, taking out a light pole and causing sparks to fly everywhere. Then the wind began to blow sideways at a velocity that brought the word “debris” to mind. Rain drops began to pound our Jeep like shotgun pellets. We managed to make it under an interstate overpass, where we waited out the short storm.

It was one of our more eventful shoots, but for more than just the rain. Jared was a fantastic model, and we are really excited that he is going to be representing us at Halls High School this year. He has All-American looks, with his blond hair, blue eyes and athletic build, that are just fun to shoot. Plus, he’s just one of the nicest kids you would ever want to meet.

In addition to his studio and outdoor shots, we were able to shoot him at the Halls High Stadium, where he will be spending a lot of his Friday nights this fall as a member of the Red Devils football team. We were able to do some different shots that we had been wanting to try for a long time. We think they turned out pretty good.

So if you are a senior at Halls this coming year and are interested in having Studio P d0 your pictures, see Jared for a special discount. You’ll be glad you did.

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