Everything was OK until the lightning flashed.

Until then, we were just watching the weather, keeping tabs on the rather ominous looking clouds that were rolling into Knoxville’s Old City. We knew the rain was coming, but we were hoping that we could get in at least a few more shots in Jared’s Senior Model Experience. It had already been a great day, as we had gotten some awesome studio shots. Greedily, we were trying to squeeze in just a few more of his outdoor shots in. But when we saw the light streak across the sky and the thunder clapped, we figured it was probably time to shut things down.

All except Jared, that is, who thought it would be pretty cool to get a lighting strike in the background of one of his photos.

Uh, no.

And it was a good thing that we called it a day, too, because not two minutes after we got back into the car, a torrential downpour cascaded over the Old City. We hung out under the interstate for a while until everything calmed down.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and we picked up where we left off, finished the shoot and got what we needed. Sorry, Jared, no lightning.

But some great shots. Jared it a phenomenal athlete, the starting tailback for the Halls football team and we were able to get some really cool stuff of him in his jersey at the Halls football field. His shots in the Old City, both what we took on the night of the storm and the follow-up later, are great as well. Jared has a wonderful smile and has the posing thing down.

So here’s Jared’s Senior Model Experience. Enjoy.