I know I’ve said it a lot lately, but we have been truly blessed with some great Senior Rep shoots recently.

The lovely Miss Jennifer’s shoot last week was no exception. To start, the weather was simply perfect. Warm but not hot, with a few whispy clouds in the sky, we simply could not have asked for better conditions in which to shoot the outside portion. The Old City had just enough people to look busy, but not so many that we would be in their way.

And as for our model, well, how could you ask for more? Jennifer has the classic All-American girl look, and when you couple that with her athleticism as a cheerleader and wonderful sense of style, you have a winner on your hands. Jennifer, who is one of our reps from Carter High School, was very accommodating and we got some killer shots, which you can see below. We also got some pretty unique images of Jennifer doing some of her cheerleader routines, which we will share at a later time with you. We are very excited about this shoot, if you can’t tell. And Jennifer was very excited about her images as well. Her mom and best friend Hannah was there while we shot, and we got some neat images of Jennifer and her BFF together.

So check out a sampling of Jennifer’s pics. We think you will enjoy them.