On the desk in my office is a picture of my son Grant, taken a day or so after he was born.

It’s one of those hospital photos of him wearing the outfit we took him home in, and every time I see it, I chuckle inside because it looks nothing like him now. In this picture, Grant has a head full of black hair, his complection is very dark and his eyes are huge and set wide on his face. Doesn’t even look like the same kid at all.

But I guess that’s true of all children. Everything about a child is fleeting, but especially how they look early in life. They change so much in those first few days, weeks and months and it can he hard to remember sometimes those chubby little fingers and belly buttons.

Those memories are important to our friend Lauren, so she has asked us to capture them of her sons Joel and Judah. In both instances, she wanted something simple — black and white against a black background that would preserve what each one looked like as a newborn — eyes and ears, hands and feet.

We shot little Judah back in December, and as always, we were awed yet again by the wonder of a child. God in his infinite power, creating one from two and doing it perfectly.

So here’s Judah, as he was. Enjoy.