Ever since LaDonna and I graduated from college, we have lived in a different town than the rest of our family.

Just the way things worked out. Our family is all from North Alabama, and since we got married almost 20 years ago (oh, my!), we have called Meridian, Miss., Nashville and for the last 15 years, Knoxville, our home. So we have spent a lot of time on the road and living out of a suitcase at holidays.

Now, though, when we go home, we have a few extra bags to carry, because since we have opened Studio P, it seems there is always someone in the family that wants a new set of images. Not that we mind at all. Heck, it’s nice to have willing subjects to try out new equipment and test lighting setups.

This past weekend was no exception. Our great niece Madi just is seven months old, and her mom and dad wanted some news shots while were there. Happy to oblige, we got everything set up Sunday after church and started snapping away.

Have I mentioned that it’s rained a lot this spring? Do a search on the blog for “rain” and you’ll see how many shoots have been cancelled, postponed or disrupted by the weather for us recently. That almost happened again, as our 30-minute session with Madi finished just about the time the storm clouds rolled in and it started to pour.

But we did manage to get it in. She’s a real cutie and did great, although she did seem a bit more interested in the flower that we gave her to hold. Still, she looks adorable (OK, so maybe I’m biased).