So here is what would happen: I would bring the camera to my eye, compose the frame perfectly and say, “OK, McKenzie, give me a serious look this time.”

And here is what she would do: Drop the smile, look into the lens for about two seconds … and burst out laughing.

McKenzie is decidedly one of the most un-serious seniors that we have ever had the chance to shoot. That smile we just talked about? It lives on her face constantly,  which just made her a joy to shoot. As you can see, she just oozes personality, and her sweetness is contagious. In fact, about the only time we were able to get her into serious mode for any length of time was when we took shots in her basketball uniform. THEN those steely eyes came out and the smile faded. You get the idea that you would not want to face her on the court.

Like a lot of our seniors this year, we had to reschedule her outdoor shoot because of weather considerations, but it was worth it. Some family friends own The River Vista, a wedding pavilion near Strawberry Plains, TN, and it was just a wonderful place to shoot. Late afternoon sun,  fields of flowers, a flowing river, weeping willows and a beautiful girl make for some pretty wonderful shots.

If you are an upcoming senior at Carter and you’d like a shoot like McKenzie’s, see her for a special discount with Studio P. In the meantime, here is McKenzie’s Senior Model shoot. Enjoy.