We get asked a lot about our Trash the Dress shoots, and invariably one of the first questions we get is “But I don’t want to ruin my beautiful wedding dress! How could I do a Trash the Dress?”

The truth of the matter is, it’s not really about ruining your dress.

For some people it is. Maybe their dress has lost meaning to them (because of a divorce or some other reason), maybe it’s ruined already (because of a spot or a bad tear) or maybe they are just not sentimental. If that’s the case, then a Trash the Dress shoot can be all about playing in the mud. Or staining it with grease. Or whatever else you can come up with that might not come out in the wash or at the dry cleaner.

But for others, a Trash the Dress shoot can just be about having fun in their wedding dress. About doing something exciting and unusual and glamorous.

That’s what last week’s Trash the Dress session was for the lovely Meredith.

An immensely talented singer, Meredith decided that for her TTD, she wanted to be a Rock Star diva for a few hours. Her husband, Elisha, is a touring/rentals manager at M and L Sound, a company that provides audio-visual equipment for big road shows. He was able to get us into their warehouse after hours, where we had the run of the place.

Meredith went all out. She borrowed some over-the-top bling from our friend Lindsey and had the ultra-talented Whitney do her hair. Supermodel makeup completed the look.

And it was an absolute blast. We played with the speakers and microphones, put Meredith on top of rolling cases and amongst the cable wall, even cranked up the warehouse sound system so that she could rock it out on a bar band set. Two hours went by in what seemed like seconds.

The images are amazing. Meredith is one of those women that can pull off just about any look she wants — from pure sweetness to smouldering passion — and make it real. And when she was jamming to the music, you would have thought she was performing at the Grammies. It was all we could do to keep up.

So here’s Meredith’s moment in the spotlight. Enjoy.