Our mini-session shoots at UT Gardens were several weeks ago, but I have been holding off sharing one of them until just the right time.

Now is the right time.

Philip Wagner and his wonderful family go to our church, and he is a member of the Army National Guard 253rd MP Company, which is at Fort Dix right now preparing for a year’s deployment to Iraq. Philip actually left at the end of March, and has been away from his family since then. His wife Kelly had wanted to get some pictures done of her and their children Andrew and Christina for Philip, and the mini-session shoot was the perfect opportunity.

So why did I wait until now to post them? Well, Kelly and the kids are actually with Philip right now at Fort Dix, the first time they have gotten to see him since he left and the last time they will see him before he deploys. I just thought it would be a nice gift to Philip while his family was with him.

Thanks, Philip for your service to our country. We owe you more than we can ever repay.