One of the great advantages of digital photography over film is in the sheer numbers of images that you can take.

Back when I was shooting film as an amateur, I was always reluctant to do much in the way of experimentation, simply because of the costs involved. Even 20 years ago, a roll of 24-exposure 200-speed film was a couple of bucks and processing was at least that much or more. That was more than a meal back then. So I was very stingy with the shutter.

Now, though, you can click away without having to worry so much about the costs involved. On a typical senior shoot, where we do an hour indoor and an hour outdoor session, we’ll shoot upwards of 600-700 images. Now not all of those are usable — some will be out of focus, some will have a bad expression, some will be test shots for lighting, etc. But we still usually end up with at least a couple hundred or so printable images. Sometimes more.

But that leads to almost the opposite problem, which is instead of having too few images from a shoot, now there are almost too many. So we photographers are having to come up with different kinds of products for our clients to take advantage of all these great shots.

One of those types of products that we are introducing is what we call the Artists’ Blend, which is basically a picture of pictures. Sometimes many of them, sometimes just a few. Sometimes it’s a plain white background, sometimes, it’s some kind of pattern or texture. It just depends on what the client is ¬†looking for and what we can dream up.

Below is an Artists Blend that we’ve done from one of our recent senior shoots with Jennifer. She’s a cheerleader at a local high school, so we shot her in her uniform doing different jumps and cheers. All of these images were a perfect candidate for an Artists Blend.

Artists Blends are available for all of our senior and portrait shoots. Something to think about when you do your next session with Studio P.