So you decide to do a portrait session and you go either in the studio or out on location. Your photographer (hopefully us!) takes a ton of great pictures and puts them up either on a website or shows you a presentation of your images. You start looking at the packages and you realize that there are all these wonderful shots, but you only have so much space in your house for them. What do you do?

Well, one solution is something we blogged about last week, which is a custom photo book. That’s a great way to get your shots without having to build an addition to your house for wall space. They are beautiful and last forever. We’ll have more on them soon.

But today we want to talk another solution, which is a fine art collage. You’ve seen these type of prints before. There was a whole industry built on these a decade or so ago, where you would have a picture of say, beavers building a dam, and then underneath would be “TEAMWORK” and an inspirational quote from someone you’ve never heard of. Or it would be an Ansel Adams landscape with a description of where he took this gorgeous photo that can never be reproduced (it’s true; many have tried and none have succeeded). You know what I’m talking about.

So if you can make a print of beavers or an Ansel Adams landscape, why not your photos? These type of collages are a great way to showcase several shots in a very tasteful, elegant way. Or if its shots from a senior shoot, instead of a white background and black type, do a funky grunge background and wild color. Anything is possible.

The collage below is one that we put together from our friend Carrie’s pregnancy shoot. The aspect ratio for this is 16 x 20, which is a good size for a hallway wall, or maybe the nursery. But you can make them any size. Pretty soon we’ll share some really interesting sizes that you can do to fill nooks and crannies that you might not have thought about hanging a framed photo.

The next time you do a shoot with us, we would be glad to show you what we can do with these type of collages. We think you will be pleased.