If there is one thing that we have embraced at Studio P since we started more than four years ago, it’s change.

We have constantly tweaked our shooting style, the products we offer, our studio location, even the kind of shoots we do in an effort to bring our customers the very best photography experience we can.

Our website and blog have been one of those aspects that has been through several incarnations. We have had several different looks with both, but we have never been fully happy with any of them.

Part of the reason is how they were set up. When we first started Studio P, the company that hosted our website did not offer a blog, so we had to set up a separate website for that. Matching the two looks was difficult, and it took a while to find something that was reasonably consistent and looked decent for both. Unfortunately, the old look didn’t really project the style that we wanted.

So as LaDonna and I started to talk about it, we decided it was time to make a pretty radical change in our online presence, the result of which you are seeing here. First of all, we have brought the website and blog together. That will allow them to easily have the same look and feel. Second, we wanted to make that look very clean and modern. We wouldn’t call it minimalist, but more uncluttered and fresh. We wanted to keep aspects of the old logo — the “circle P” — for some applications but for the most part, we wanted to go in a different direction.

We feel like that new direction — not only for the logo but the entire website — matches the image that we want to portray for Studio P. We consider our studio to be a mix of both cutting edge and classic portrait photography and design, and our new website reflects that philosophy.

And true to form, we’re not completely finished, so you can expect to see a few changes coming down the pike in the coming days and weeks. There are a few things that still need to be tweaked, and we will be bring some new pages and features to the site as well. But we were excited enough about where we were that we wanted to go ahead and unveil our new look.

We hope that you agree.