So is your kid cute?

Silly question, huh? Of course, everyone thinks their kid is cute. But how many other people think your kid is cute?

Now, it’s starting to get interesting. We all believe our kids are adorable, beautiful, special. And they are. But if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, how many eyes behold the beauty in your kid?

Let’s find out. Our first contest here at Studio P is going to be a “Cutest Kid” contest, and here is how it’s going to work. If you think your kid (ages 3 to 9 only) is the cutest on the planet, then send a snapshot photo (.jpg format only) to It needs to be a recent photo (within the last year) of just your kid, preferably in color, that looks good on your computer screen. Photos of more than one child, families or photos taken by a professional photographer will not be accepted (no exceptions to this, please). In two weeks, on Monday, March 22, entries will be closed and we’ll post a gallery of all the entries to the Studio P Facebook page. That’s when the voting will begin. Ask your family, friends, complete strangers if you want, to become a fan of Studio P Photography on Facebook and vote for your kid by posting a comment on their photo. Voting will close at Midnight April 5 and the winner will be the kid whose photo gets the most votes (one vote per person only).

And the prizes? Well, the grand prize winner will receive a free studio or location Studio P photo session for their child. In addition, they will receive a $50 gift certificate toward the purchase of prints and a free DVD slideshow of their child’s photos set to music. Also, one photo from their child’s session will be featured on the Studio P website and blog for the next year. The second and third place finishers will receive a $50 gift certificate toward either a one hour studio or location photo session or toward the purchase of prints from a Studio P photo session.

So if you think your kid is cute, then send us their photo and let’s find out. In two weeks, it’s on.

(And no, Grant will not be eligible. He’s just here for decoration.)