Girls – Do you just hate it when your friends post photos of you on Facebook because you think you look terrible? Here are a few tips for the next time your friends are snapping photos (at least the ones you know they are taking!)

1. Turn your face slightly to the right or left (depending on your “good” side) and lift your chin. You will eliminate those “double chins.” Or you can look directly at the camera and just move your face slightly forward while lifting your chin.

2. Stand with one leg slightly in front of the other one. That will make you look thinner and taller. Be sure to turn your back foot away from the camera and shift your weight to that foot.

3. Pull shoulders slightly back and chest forward. Gently suck in your stomach but not so much that you look like you are sucking in your tummy!

4. Stand with your arms slightly away from your body. Don’t press them in and accentuate the flab!

5. Please don’t use that fake smile. One trick is to look away from the camera and then look back at last second and smile. That way your smile looks genuine.

6.  Black always makes you look thinner but you can also achieve the same outcome by wearing an entire outfit of just one basic color such as blue or brown.

7. You can hide certain areas of your body with a purse or jacket. (or another person!)

8. If you know in advance that there will be cameras, then apply a little more eye makeup than normal and a little less blush than normal. Use some bronzer on your cheeks, chin and neck to help with pale skin.

Try one or two (or all ) of these tips the for great looking photos!