Don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but here in Knoxville, we have gotten dumped on pretty good this weekend.

All week the local weathermen have been in a tizzy, predicting anywhere from an inch or two to more than a foot of snow yesterday and today. Like everyone else, we prepared with the obligatory trip to the grocery store for milk and bread, plus fixings for jambalaya, chili and roast. We were ready no matter what.

And while it didn’t get into the feet in accumulations, we did get several inches here at Studio P Headquarters, and it continues to fall. In fact, we shoveled a couple of hours ago in anticipation of getting out for church tomorrow, and now the driveway is already covered in fresh snow. Now church has been canceled and it looks like we are here for the duration.

We got out earlier and played for a while and took a few pictures and thought you might like to see a couple of them. In the meantime, wherever you are tonight, stay warm and safe!