Sometimes you gotta be able to roll with the punches.

That’s what we had to do last week with the lovely Miss Rachel’s Senior Shoot. We had originally scheduled both a studio and an outdoor shoot on the same day — last Monday — mainly because the forecast a week earlier had called for a sunny, yet cool day. We thought a dual shoot would be no problem. But as we got closer and closer to last Monday, the forecast started taking a turn for the worse. And by the time we actually got to Monday, it was rainy in the morning, and downright cold by late afternoon.

So, on to plan B. We did the studio shoot on Monday, and since we were both free on Tuesday, postponed the outdoor shoot, which was at Knoxville’s World’s Fair Park, for a day. It turned out to be a good decision. The weather was much more accommodating and we were able to get much better shots.

Although it might not have mattered, since it’s hard to take a bad picture of Rachel, who is one of our Senior Model Reps from Carter High. Beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair and a winning smile equals truly outstanding images. Rachel is one of these young ladies who has no idea just how beautiful she is, and that innocence really shines through. And, she is just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside.

We have been truly blessed with some wonderful Senior Model Reps and we have more to come. For now, here are some of the shots from Rachel’s shoot. Enjoy.