As I have posted before, I am a big movie buff and love movie posters.

So sometimes after a shoot, or even during a shoot, I’ll see an image and think “Wow, that would make a great movie poster.”

Our shoot with Devon, one of our 2010 senior models, was one of those times.

Devon had wanted to do shots on the railroad tracks, and had an idea to bring a small suitcase with her as a prop. It was late in the day, with the sun setting, and we were able to get some great light, which we enhanced with flash. When I saw the shot in the camera, I knew we had a winner that had that “cinematic” look. Once we got back home and I was able to work on the image in Photoshop, I showed it to LaDonna, who immediately said, “That looks like it could be from a movie.”

That settled it. I had to see what I could come up with. So here is the lovely Devon, starring in her first feature film, Life Here I Come. Enjoy.