One of our favorite groups to shoot are high school seniors. There’s just something about that age — almost adult but not quite, confident but a little unsure, ready to take on the world but still a bit insulated — that’s just a lot of fun. We’re really going to put an emphasis as a studio this year on shooting more senior sessions and we’re going to have some exciting news coming later in the week about our plans for the coming year.

But in the meantime, we wanted to share some photos from one of our senior sessions this past year. The lovely Miss Katie and her mom, Carole, contacted us last summer about doing a shoot. They were looking for something different than the standard shots from the school, and after meeting with them, they were really intrigued about the possibility of shooting in the Old City of downtown Knoxville. For those that don’t know, the Old City is a very eclectic area, with lots of quaint little shops, bars and restaurants. There’s plenty of color and many little nooks and crannies that ooze character. It’s just a blast to shoot there.

So on a very warm August afternoon, we descended on the Old City and started shooting. It was just a blast. Katie was a little quiet and shy when we first talked, but once we got on location and the camera started clicking, she came alive. She and her mom were very pleased. Some of these shots were natural light, but we did a lot of off-camera flash shooting as well.

So here are some of the best shots from Katie’s session. Enjoy!